free digital marketing software

There are a number of open source software packages available today. The majority of them are free for use, although you do occasionally run into one that requires a modest fee. In your case, there is some free digital marketing software that you recently came across. Would it be worth the time and effort to look at it a little closer? Here are some reasons why it wouldn’t hurt.

The Price is Right

One obvious benefit is the cost of the software. You pay nothing to obtain it or to use it. That means it places no stress on your operating budget at all. The only initial investment that you have to make is the time spent downloading and installing the software.

Keep in mind that free doesn’t necessarily mean inferior. While that may be true in some cases, open source software often works just as well as proprietary counterparts that you will pay a significant amount to secure. At the least, setting up a trial for the free product and running it alongside what you already have will tell you if the software is a keeper.

Features You Can Put to Good Use

Look closely that the range of features included in the software. You may be surprised at how versatile it happens to be. In fact, it may have as many or even more features that the program that you’re using currently.

Keep in mind that this type of software is often designed so that customization is possible. If you’ve been feeling somewhat restrained by the product that you currently use, this type of freedom may be appealing. Even if you don’t foresee the need for a lot of customization, it’s nice to have the option.

Options to Upgrade

The free digital marketing software may be considered a basic program. That means it has plenty of features, but not as many as you could get with upgrades. One look around will confirm that you can get a more robust product for a reasonable amount. In fact, it may take minutes to download the upgraded version.

If the basic one has all you need, that’s great. It’s also not bad when you know that the upgrades are available if you need a little more in the years ahead. There will be no need to look for a different product. Opt for the upgrade and keep using something that you and your team know well.

The Matter of Customer Support

Even with free software, there’s typically some type of customer support offered. That’s comforting to know, since the day will likely come when you do need help. Before you integrate the free product into your setup, take the time to learn more about how you would be able to get that help.

Perhaps you would seen a message using a template included in the software. Maybe email is the way to communicate. There may even be a phone number to call. Whatever the case, make sure you understand the time frame in which to expect a response. In the case of a phone number, see if support is only available at certain times of the day.

Many agencies find that free software includes everything that wanted to do the job. Check out some options and form your own opinion. That free product may be a better fit than the fee-based one that was purchased a few years ago.