BBQs 2u is one of the independently leading Napolean Barbecue, Kamado Joe, and Ooni Pizza Oven retailers.

They have been a part of this business since 2002, which makes them very passionate about their job and barbecues of different kinds. They even have great tips and tricks on how to grill, which is shared with all of their customers.

Buy BBQs 2U Masterbuilt portable BBQ as it could be the product you are looking for. You can have an amazing time on the road and carry the portable BBQ along with you anywhere you want. You will enjoy the time grilling your food with charcoal.

Have your barbecue section with your friends as the Master built Portable BBQ is so easy to use and designed so thoughtfully. You can even use it on batteries or use the provided cord set.

This is large enough to serve delicious BBQs for the entire family. BBQs 2u provides you all the required information on how to build the portable BBQ set.

Just like the grills even the users of gravity series by BBQs 2U are versatile and come from all kinds of smoking and grilling background. Everyone from the first time owners to the ones that have become masters in their grill is available for everyone of their customers.

Gravity series is the simple way of charcoal BBQing. It is convenient and controllable as gas BBQ is and also they are also as clean as gas BBQ and even efficient just as the gas BBQ is.

It has every fun, flavour, and personality that is only brought out with the experience of cooking outside.

With Master Built portable BBQ you can easily adjust your BBQ temperature with steady Temp dial to maintain the temperature for the next four hours.

The set of grill includes a detachable QuickCollapse cart to make folding easy and quick. Along with the two side shelves you get more space for the preparation with a holder to conveniently store the beverages. You can now master in grilling with Master Built Portable BBQ.

There is cooking space of 200 sq, with a versatile temperature ranging from 250 to 500 degree Fahrenheit to make anything from egg to steak.

The charcoal mini hopper can hold up to 1lbs of small lump or 1.5lbs of briquettes for close to 4 hours. You do even get their removable and foldable quick collapse cart to easily move around the Master built Portable BBQ.

There is even a lockable lid to shift the grill ones done cooking without disposing the ashes on the site.

You can get 6 hours full charge with 4 AA batteries. The gauge is built in so that you get the exact results every time you check.

So what are you waiting for? make sure you visit BBQs 2u and get your hands on their amazing Products for all time fun BBQ with family and friends throughout the year.

You can even buy their accessories and store it all year and use it when ever you feel like enjoying delicious BBQ in any season.