incredible restaurants in Arlington

Arlington is one of the most visited cities in Virginia.  Not only can you find an incredible stretch of history and knowledge here, but you can also find fun shopping, great art, and delicious food.  If you’re heading to town and don’t have a plan yet: this is what you should do while you’re here!

Check Out the History

The history in Arlington will make you want to wander the streets for days upon days.  Not only will you find historic landmarks everywhere, from trees to plaques in the actual pathways you walk on, but you’ll also find incredible museums and fantastic tours that will blow your mind.  

While you’re here, some historical landmarks to check out are the Arlington National Cemetery, Gravelly Point Park, and the Mount Vernon Trail!  There’s a lot to see in this amazing city.

Enjoy the Arts

There’s a long history of art here!  While in Arlington, take a detour and check out the Arlington Arts Center!  This organization is a nonprofit that offers art exhibitions and classes and even has an art residency program.

Walking through this building lets you connect with artistic and creative minds worldwide.  Everything you see will inspire you! 

Take In the Flavor

There are so many incredible restaurants in Arlington!  Although the area is expensive, there’s a lot of affordable eating here.  From Mele Bistro, a cozy restaurant that offers delicious traditional Italian food, to Ambar Restaurant, which offers Balkan food in a rustic environment, Arlington cooks to stun.

The restaurants here only last if they’re loved, so almost every restaurant here will have fantastic flavors you won’t find anywhere else.  If you’re heading to town, save your appetite for the amazing food!

Enjoy the Beautiful Architecture

Every inch of Arlington real estate, from the museums to the houses, is stunning.  Although it’s extremely expensive to live here, with Arlington ranked one of the most expensive cities in the world, the buildings are beautiful.

You can find homes and historic buildings ranging from hundreds of years old to recent builds and almost any style that strikes your fancy.  Luckily the pay here is better than the national average, so if you’re worried about affording it: it’s possible!

Watch Some Theater

Live theater is a big deal in Arlington!  From the incredible performances at the Thomas Jefferson Community Theater to the fantastic Encore Stage and Studio that puts on live shows every year, you’ll love being a patron of the arts.  Many of the musicals and theater pieces are seen here are shown far before they show up in other areas of the country: so don’t be surprised if you spot a trend before it becomes nationally known! 

Arlington Is Never Boring

This amazing city is so close to the nation’s capital yet has made a name for itself worldwide.  If you’re ready for the vacation of a lifetime, it’s time to check out Arlington!