To be successful within the field of football online betting, one has to be highly equipped with the knowledge and has to follow a particular system. One of the most popular systems of soccer betting is progressive betting. In this blog, we will learn about the two types of progressive betting and some of the best types of bets for progressive betting.

Two Types of Progressive Betting

There are various systems of football online betting. But amongst all, progressive betting is one of the most preferred types. There are also types of progressive betting.

  • Positive, progressive betting: in this bet, every time a bettor wins the bet, his stakes are increased, which means that the money he wishes to gamble increases. And the opposite happens when the bettor loses a match. The stakes decrease in amount.
  • Negative progressive betting: this type of bet differs slightly from positive progressive betting. Here, the stakes are increased every time the bettor loses a match. This creates a hope that he will be able to make up for that loss in the next game.

What are the Best Types of Soccer Bets for Progressive Betting?

Various types of soccer bets are available on football prediction sites, but not all are good. Some of the best types of soccer bets for progressive betting are as follows:

  • Over/under goals: the market of over/under plans is the easiest to predict. Under a positive, progressive betting experience, this bet is usually the best and most preferred. Here, the bettor needs to guess that the total number of goals scored by both teams will be over or under the number set by the bookmaker.
  • Both teams to score: scoring in the market is an excellent betting market because it is also easy to predict. The bettor just needs to predict whether both teams will score or not. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who loses or wins the game. All that matters is whether the bettors could guess it right or not.
  • Half-time bets: as the name suggests, half-time bets are placed after the match is half played. And that makes the prediction process easier. In this bet, the bettors have the option to predict the results of the game. When the match is half-played, the bettors already know who will win or lose by looking at their performance.
  • Draw no bets: this is one of the most traditional and safe forms of ½ betting. Here, a bet is placed on a team, and if that team wins, then the respective bettor wins the bet, and if the bet ends in a draw, the entire amount is given back.


To place bets in football and choose the best type of soccer bet, the bettors must first make themselves aware of the different types of bets. Along with it, they also need to know about the various advantages and disadvantages of the bets. Some of the best football prediction sites offer a complete guide on it. The bettors must first go through such football prediction sites to earn successful results while betting.