Chinese First Names

Selecting a name for a newborn can be an overwhelming task but you are in luck today as we guide you on picking Beautiful Chinese Names. As a new or expectant mother who is about to name a beautiful new born, a lot of names are already coming to your mind but because you do not want to make a mistake in naming your child that is why you have come here to calm your fears. You are in the right place for we will guide you on giving Cute and Popular Chinese Names to your child.

Having a countless collection of Chinese Girl Names and Chinese Boy Names can be helpful to your search. It gives you the vast option of choosing from varieties of names and you do not have to rack your brain to create a new name from the scratch; you now have access to Chinese First Names.

Chinese Baby Names just like the country China exude rich heritage, tradition and fame. Most Chinese families create new and unique names for their babies from scratch and they are not as common as their family or last names.

Chinese Boy Names not only sound pleasant but also carry an air of strength, bravery, prosperity and personal characteristics. These names are a perfect fit for your baby boy because it will give him a sense of superiority and power. Examples of such names are Chen, Bao, Fang, Hong, Jing, Lee, Manchu, Qiao, and Peng.

You may be expecting or have given birth to a baby girl who you want to name; there are Chinese Baby Girl Names that will fit your sweet little girl perfectly. Chinese girl names sound more like a song or a poem and have meaning, which tend towards flower, pureness, beauty and grace. Chinese girl names you would like your baby to have include Bo, China, Genji, Holea, Hua, Jiao, Julissa, and Liang. There are Unique and Cool Chinese Girl Names for your baby girl that you can find on the internet.

Long time ago the Chinese believed that giving your child a name with a bad meaning can yield off evil from around the child, this is not the trend today. Today most parents are in search of Beautiful Chinese Female and Male Names that will confer a general pleasing aura to their babies.

Chinese First Names can be distinguished from their last name by mere looking at both names. Chinese last names are very limited; three out of every five Chinese could bear the same surname but first names are very different because most Chinese parents focus on creating new and unique names for their child, not only that, they take into consideration the meaning of these names too.

We have mentioned above some Chinese names that are proper to be given to any child of any background, the following names are Chinese Names and Meanings, they include (Lotus flower), Ting (a graceful person), Susu (A quiet person), and Hua (prosperous).