Landscape edging helps define garden beds and separate lawns from plants, adding functionality and aesthetics. It also adds curb appeal to your home.

Homeowners are ditching traditional lawn grasses and replacing them with low-maintenance fescue or zoysia varieties to spend less time mowing and fewer chemicals on their yards.

Texture and Foliage Plants

When most gardeners think of plants for a border, flowers often come first. But the suitable foliage can also make a dramatic statement and complement flower colors or provide a beautiful backdrop for other garden elements.

Look for varieties with contrasting leaf color, variegated foliage, or simple or linear leaves. Plants like Ninebark are versatile, offering burgundy or gold-tinged foliage that lightens to green during the summer and offers rich fall colors with persistent seed heads.

Using lawn borders to separate a flower bed or garden area visually is an easy, cost-effective way to add visual appeal to your landscape. One popular option is corten steel edging, which provides a modern, industrial look and requires little maintenance. It’s available in a range of lengths to match the scale of your landscape and is easy to install with pre-formed spikes that snap into place.

Water Features

Adding a water feature to your yard is a great way to bring style, tranquility, and comfort to the area. It’s also a beautiful focal point and helps to entice guests to spend more time in your garden or lawn.

The landscape design industry, like Custom Landscape Borders, has seen many trends come and go over the years. The top trend now is a focus on eco-conscious materials and designs. From wall gardens using recycled wood to mulch edging made from recycled rubber, you can add a green touch to your lawn or garden with these eco-friendly options.

Metal landscape edging doesn’t rot and can withstand harsh weather conditions. It prevents grass encroachment and moves quickly when mowed, avoiding damage from trimmers or weed eaters. It’s also available in various colors to match your garden theme.

Low-Maintenance Plants

Many homeowners are seeking ways to keep their landscaping low-maintenance. They’re replacing high-maintenance grasses like fescue with lower-maintenance options such as zoysia that require fewer chemicals. They’re also switching out shrubs that need frequent pruning for bushes that grow to their desired size naturally.

In this trend, swaying conifers and flowers like astilbes create the feeling of serenity in an open landscape. Scandinavian minimalism values open spaces for tranquility, and textured garden elements like river rocks or gravel paths add earthy warmth.

One of the easiest ways to reduce maintenance in your garden is with ground cover, such as creeping thyme. It thrives in shade and can smother weeds all season. Its pretty spikes of blue-purple flowers offer additional color if you choose a variegated variety like “Burgundy Glow.” It’s an ideal alternative to traditional edging materials.

Outdoor Seating

Regarding seating, rounded silhouettes and organic modern styles are taking a page from the interior design book and heading outdoors. This was one of the significant trends in the market this spring.

Many furniture designers also opted to mix materials and textures in outdoor seating. Some designs paired teak frames with upholstered cushions or enameled stoneware tops in rich hues.

Light frame colors and natural finishes dominated the 2023 landscape furniture scene, offering an easy and affordable way to spruce up a backyard patio or garden. For a dramatic effect, choose dark shades for fences and structures to provide contrast against green gardens. A darker backdrop also accentuates the greenery of a natural border and enhances the impact of low-maintenance plants. Alternatively, opt for decorative concrete curbing.

Luxury Gardens

Whether after an Italian garden of geometry and symmetry, a calm English garden that feels like wild freedom, or a modern minimalist look with curated colors and textures, your luxury garden can feel as homey and inviting as the rest of your living space. This trend combines interior design elements with outdoor seating, dining spaces, and water features that provide soothing sounds and calming energy.

Metal edging provides a clean, defined look for your flowerbeds and can help to contain weeds and turf grass by creating a barrier around the edges of your beds. This option is affordable, easy to install, and requires little maintenance. It comes in various lengths and finishes, including black, though a warm-hued rust is the most popular choice.