Rachio motion sensor

Innovation and accessibility are the key factors of smart home technology. Smart home products have been around for a couple of years now, from products like smart cameras and smart door locks to smart kitchen appliances too. But, did you ever hear of smart sprinklers and smart blinds?

These new innovative products have made it all the more easier for users to interact with their home environment, and live a comfortable and modern lifestyle. With much more innovative and versatile ideas on the rise, there’s no knowing what other future smart products lie in the wake, especially with ideas like the Metaverse coming into existence.

Here are some new and innovative smart home devices you may not already know of:

Smart Sprinklers

Every lawn owner has a sprinkler system and knows how hard it is to manually maintain and regulate a sprinkler schedule, especially as the season changes. Not to mention, manual controls can also be a nuisance when it comes to turning them off when an unexpected rainstorm hits.

Well, with smart sprinklers, you won’t have to worry about anything of the sort. Smart Sprinklers offer users the ease of controlling everything automatically, whether it is adjusting the sprinkler schedule according to weather changes, or configuring water density and frequency in terms of your soil.

Smart Sprinklers like the Rachio-3 have Intelligence software known as the Weather Intelligence that helps the sprinkler analyze the weather and any change in water pressure, or scheduling with the help of its Rachio motion sensor technology. This specific smart sprinkler can also curb the excessive use of water, thereby allowing you to have a positive impact on the environment. Plant type, soil type and sun exposure are only some of the criteria that it focuses on when it comes to creating a schedule tailored to cater to your lawn.

If you want to control your sprinkler manually, you no longer have to walk all the way to the controller when you can easily access all the data and control options from your smartphone, and from wherever you are. Ease of access is what a smart device promises to offer its users and so does the Rachio-3. With its easy configuration to your voice assistants such as the Google Home or Amazon Alexa as well, you can enable voice commands too.

Smart Blinds

Did you ever imagine such a thing as a smart curtain? Well, smart blinds are most definitely an interesting innovation when it comes to smart home devices.

As promised, ease of access enables users to choose from three kinds of installation procedures. Hard-wired into your house’s electrical circuit, powered through a solar panel, or battery or plugged in through a power outlet. Smart blinds can be easily opened or closed and are controlled through voice-enabled control as well as through smartphones.

They come in various styles that would surely fit into any aesthetic, while adding that modern feel to your home. The configuration options of smart blinds in general will vary from brand to brand, but most products will have the ability to enable voice control and different light filtering options too.

Some smart blinds have the ability to adjust themselves to provide an adequate level of sunlight entering your home, as they can easily monitor the position of the sun and adapt themselves automatically. With scheduling and built-in routines, users no longer have to manually adjust their blinds – they can either create a schedule for the smart blinds to follow or have them automatically cater to you.

With different styles and fabric options to choose from, smart blinds do not limit you in expressing your creativity and style as well, rather they enhance it by adding that extra oomph that you’re looking for!

Smart Plugs and Switches

Although smart plugs and switches may not sound as innovative as the other options listed above, they offer a wide range of control over other more traditional devices and essentially make them ‘smart.’

One of the most enticing features of a smart plug is that it makes your other devices smart. Do you ever wish you could turn off your charger, TV, or lamp without having to get up? Well, you no longer have to since a smart plug will do just that. Since they are easily controllable through a smartphone application and even voice-enabled control with some, all you need is your phone to turn any device or appliance plugged into it, on or off, or a smart speaker – the voice assistants featured in our smartphones are also included in the category.

Final Thoughts

Who would have thought such devices would come into existence any time soon? Well, they are here now, and bring about that convenience that you didn’t know you needed. Not to mention, smart devices in general aren’t just great for automation and adding that modern touch to your home, but they are great for energy conservation and security purposes too. Head on over to FirstEnergy Home’s website www.firstenergyhome.com today and browse through their extensive catalog of smart home devices.