Thanks to advanced technology and compact handheld devices called smartphones, we can make our trips so much more fun and easier to plan. Here are the 4 apps you need to have on your phone before you head out on your next trip.

Google Maps

The most reliable and commonly used navigation app right now is Google Maps. It is completely free of cost and only requires you to sign in with your Google account. Its advanced navigation system along with satellite view and interactive interface makes it ideal for use on your trip. In fact, its vast range of features makes it suitable for use in your hometown or residing city as well, as it has more than just mere direction.

The real-time updates of the road conditions, traffic jams, the nearest ATMs, information about shops, petrol pumps, and other such details make the app an all-in-one solution for many. It gives you an estimate of the time it will take to get to your destination. Plus, you can switch between different commuting modes such as bus, bike, car, and even walking. If you put in a destination like a restaurant, you can also scroll down to find information like customer reviews, pictures of the place, menu, operational hours, and so on!

The voice assistant can be used for car drivers who can’t keep glancing over their screens. If you don’t want the voice assistant dictating the directions, you can either mute it completely or have it speak out only the alerts.


The best part about traveling outside of your hometown or even your home country is the local culture and happenings of your destination. If you are going to go to international brands that are also readily available in your area, there is no fun in that. It’s always so much more appealing to indulge in local culture and activities to get the exposure you deserve!

However, keeping track of local happenings can be difficult. For that kind of information, you need to have the Nearify mobile app with you. Its bright and user-friendly interface lets you find events like festivals, theater plays, music concerts, and even cultural activities in multiple destinations. You can either let the app find these events in your current location or plan ahead by searching for a particular destination. It also gives you the directions and overview of the event.


Learning anything in a gamified setting makes it 5 times more fun and appealing to learn. This is why the Duolingo app is such a huge hit amongst students and learners from all age groups, learning for different purposes. For travelers, Duolingo is the kind of app they need to get before the trip starts. This is essential for people who are traveling to a foreign country where a foreign language is used as the most common mode of communication. If you are going to the UK from the US, you practically do not need the app. But for going to Germany or France, the app is absolutely necessary.

You will find a bunch of gamified language learning lessons that can be accessed anywhere through the app as long as you are connected to the internet. The app is home to more than 19 languages, with the most distinctive ones being Spanish, French, Russian, and German. You can also learn multiple languages simultaneously, free of cost.

With each lesson, you are rewarded with another level of the game, some game money, and badges. This organized way of making and tracking progress helps learners a lot. Most importantly, the app lets you set goals for yourselves and has a multitude of lessons and games that can be done in under 5 minutes!


We all know the misery of things going beyond our set budget. This usually leaves us wondering where all the money is going. Therefore, a smart thing to do is to track all your spending while on the trip, so you can reflect back on it later. However, manually logging all this info and then doing the calculations can be very time-consuming. During or after the trip, nobody has the energy to do all of this.

So, with the TravelSpend app on your phone, you will have great peace of mind as you can log all your expenditures quickly without having to do any manual calculations. The app lets you choose a category of expenditure, such as food, accommodation, flight, transportation, laundry, and much more. It requires you to create a trip, add a budget to it, and then keep logging in all your expenditure on the app. It instantly tells you how much of your budget is left, and you can also adjust the budget in case of any change of plans.

There are pre-trip expenses like flight and accommodation. Once the trip starts, the app gives you everyday stats and insights about how you are spending according to your budget. With each expenditure that you log in to the app, you can add notes, tags, and any other extra information that may be necessary. There is also an “income” tab that you can use to log if any cash has flowed in.

Sum Up!

When you are traveling, you need apps on your phone or tablets that just streamline the whole experience for you. However, if you really need to make the most out of these apps, you should definitely check out deals from AT&T internet. The public Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation offered by AT&T can help you stay connected no matter what.