A magical event, such as a wedding in a young couple’s life, should become a truly unforgettable moment. The wedding should be original, unusual, with a lot of surprises.

One of the traditional wedding ceremonies is the redemption of the bride. It’s not an obligatory ritual, but there’s a special charm to it. It shows what the chosen one is like, and how he will go through the trials prepared for him by the bride’s friends. The redemption of the bride is quite an old wedding tradition. In modern wedding ceremonies, this rite is more of a humorous nature. You might also be interested in renting a catamaran in Barcelona, find more on the website https://barcelonaboatrental.com/rent/catamaran-barcelona/.

The official family status can only be obtained at the civil registry office, however, to avoid formal stamps and monotony, it is worth taking care of the venue for the real celebration in advance. Nowadays, it is very trendy to hold wedding ceremonies in unusual places and even under extreme conditions: high in the mountains, at the sea bottom, etc. But these are already personal preferences and opportunities.

Catamaran Rental for the Celebration

Renting or chartering a catamaran, boat, and yacht for a pleasant vacation or a Mediterranean Sea cruise, for holding weddings, celebrations, and events on water has become a popular service not only in Barcelona but also in other regions of Spain that have water transport.

Along with the rental of vessels, their owners recommend entertainment and catering. Catering (off-site restaurant service or buffet on a boat and shore) is also recommended by specialized companies and companies in agreement with shipowners.

Often in online searches, people write: “Help me choose a steamer for a wedding,” or “Recommend a wonderful boat for organizing a corporate event on the water, island, shore,” or “I need a yacht of Elite class for a pleasant stay in Barcelona.” The company Barcelona Boat Rental will advise on how to find answers to these and other questions related to the rental of banquet and sightseeing vessels.

The purpose of the Barcelona Boat Rental company is to help both real shipowners find their own clients for renting catamarans, boats, and yachts, and customers of water services to understand a large number of websites, find among them real shipowners and order a sailing ship, boat, yacht, and additional services from the first hand (without intermediaries). This is very important if you need to rent or charter a vessel in Barcelona.

By going to the boat owner’s website and ordering the service directly, you simplify the process of placing your own order, and are able to get authentic and unaltered information, specifically:

  • You get to truly see the boat, meet the crew, and pay attention to its condition.
  • The boat owner only promises what they can deliver and takes full responsibility for it.
  • Almost all boats have their own kitchen and it’s better to order food on the catamaran from its owner. Otherwise, prepared dishes may be cooked in an unknown place and transported across the city in the heat in transport not suited for it. On the other hand, the boat owner will prepare everything on the spot and takes full responsibility for the offered cuisine.
  • You can negotiate a discount with the owner, and if you come back for the second and third time, a discount is guaranteed for you.
  • The boat owner takes full responsibility, both moral and financial, for the quality of service, and safety, and is most interested in ensuring you enjoy your time spent on the boat.