If you’re looking for amazing and trending hotel room ideas, then you’re in luck. Aside from finding promos from websites like https://www.retailmenot.com/view/hotels.com here are a few things to consider before you book your next hotel stay.


Minimalist interior design is a popular aesthetic choice. The style is about removing unnecessary objects, using only necessary ones, and making everything as simple as possible.

Often, minimalist decor incorporates high-quality furnishings, smart furnishing investments, and an eye for natural design. An excellent example of minimalism in scenery is the Scandinavian Minimalist style.

Minimalism in hotel rooms aims to create a sense of luxury. It rewards less stress, more freedom, and higher quality belongings.

Minimalist hotels are on the rise because of their alluring qualities. Many people are searching for a new adventure and a place to recharge. Fortunately, you can find a minimalist hotel. Here are some tips on how to design one.

The NH Collection Brussels Grand Sablon is a stunning building. It features well-lit spaces and contemporary decor. Moreover, it has 11 meeting rooms and a well-equipped business center. Guests can choose between two different size rooms and enjoy a variety of natural and bright colors.

Alternatively, you can choose a guest room with space-saving hinge technology, which can collapse when not used. This can allow a room to be bright and open, with natural light flooding in.

Plant life

Plants are a great way to brighten up a room and add a little style to common areas. They can also help improve your hotel’s rating. However, a hotel room’s plants may require special care and attention. Here are some tips for keeping them looking fresh.

First, you’ll need to choose the right plant for your situation. For example, consider a Fiddle Leaf Fig or a Money Plant if your hotel is located in a warm climate. If your hotel is in a humid area, Aloe Vera is a good choice.

You’ll also need to ensure the plant is healthy and watered on time. In addition, you’ll need to provide nutrient supplements to make the plant thrive.

A hotel’s interior design is one of the first things a guest notices. You can create a feeling of luxury and relaxation by using a well-thought-out color scheme. And by adding a few flowering plants to the room, you can make a statement.

While you’re at it, consider a living wall. This type of plant grows in and out of a specialized light system, creating a lush green wall that filters oxygen and purifies the air.

In-room sources for fitness on the road

When a guest needs fitness on the road, hotels increasingly offer in-room fitness equipment sources. These options include workout kits, gym memberships, and even fitness rentals.

A recent Cornell University Center for Hospitality Research survey found that 46 percent of hotel guests want to work out during their stay. While some may be hesitant to share a hotel’s gym space, in-room options make it easier to fit a workout into their daily schedule.

Hilton has recently unveiled an innovative in-room wellness concept called Five Feet to Fitness(TM). It will soon be available in several Hilton locations in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas.

The concept features an in-room fitness kiosk that guides guests through guided exercise routines. They can also select from eleven different pieces of fitness equipment. Depending on the hotel, guests will be able to choose from exercise balls, free weights, resistance bands, an indoor spin bike, an exercise bike, TRX ropes, a foam roller, an adjustable pulley, and more.

In-room wellness solutions can be an excellent way for hotels to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Offering an assortment of workout options to accommodate a wide variety of guests can increase a hotel’s likelihood of retaining guests.

Millennial travelers want to steep themselves in local cultures

Millennial travelers are changing the travel landscape. As the biggest group in the workforce, they are expected to make up more than half of all travel by the time the dust settles. This means that hoteliers need to start rethinking their offerings. For starters, they need to ensure that guests can book their trips from anywhere. In addition, they need to offer commission-free bookings. The best part is that these perks can be bundled with other millennial-friendly features like Wi-Fi and charging docks.

Hoteliers must be able to recognize the most relevant travel trends. This includes that millennials are the largest spenders on travel and are also the most technologically savvy. They are also interested in unique travel experiences that will enhance their trip. However, others are looking for these travel-related perks.

Hotels need to provide a high-speed Internet connection to get the millennial-approved seal of approval. Furthermore, they need to offer a range of work and play options to accommodate their business travel needs. A dedicated conference room or two can help keep the team happy.