Cat eye glasses


Don’t you know how the lenses of your eyeglasses have been scratched? Just adjusted and they slip again? Does the mount seem to have lost its shine?

If you want to keep your eyeglass such as cateye glasses in perfect condition, we reveal 5 infallible tricks to extend the life of your frames.

  1. Cleaning the glasses:

There are several formulas to keep your glasses clean and shiny.

– Soap and water

– Wet wipes

– Spray

The most effective of all is to wash them with soap and water. Put a few drops of neutral soap on the lenses and rub gently with your fingertips. Spread remaining soap over the bridge and temples. Rinse them and dry them well with a chamois or microfiber cloth that does not leave lint.

As we do not always have this option available, there are other faster formulas that will get you out of trouble. However, at night, when you get home, and especially to wash children’s glasses, soap and water is our recommended option.

Use the right cleaning products:

During the day, if necessary, you can use eyeglass cleaning sprays. Nowadays, with the use of a mask, there are also anti-fog spray options that clean and reduce the possibility of the glasses fogging up. It is enough to apply spray once per lens and to remove the product you must always use a lint-free fabric and avoid paper because the pieces will remain stuck.

And finally, as a third option, in opticians you can also find single-dose wet wipes that basically perform the same function as chamois and spray together. The big difference is that it is for single use and is individually packaged. They are the fastest option but also the most expensive and least respectful of the environment.

  1. Always keep your cat eye glasses stored:

Many times, frames including cat eye glasses frames¬†suffer breakage caused by not storing them as we should. We leave them on a chair, or we put them on our heads. Or hanging from our lapels and accidentally, when we don’t realize it, we don’t sit on it or we bend down and they end up falling to the ground. The best way to avoid scratched lenses or pitted enamels is to store them when not in use.

  1. Avoid movements that deform them:

On many occasions, we notice that the glasses are looser. They no longer have the same grip on the head and they slip on our noses. This is because the hinge screws have loosened or the terminal has been opened. It is normal that it happens with use and solving it is very easy. In any optics, they will adjust them again so that you can wear them comfortably. However, so that it does not happen more than it should, there are 2 gestures that we must avoid.

Wear glasses on your head. The top of the head is wider than our temple so we will be opening and forcing the temples open. In addition, with the hair, we are also dirtying the lens.

Take off our glasses frontally with both hands and do not throw them to the side. Many people use only 1 hand to remove their glasses and pull them laterally, that is, they force one of the temples to open excessively to surround the face. When this tendency exists, it is very easy to detect because normally one of the rods loses strength, and if they are placed face up open it falls and closes or it no longer has a hold and dances.

Although there are many models with flex, and a spring in the hinge that prevents the glasses from opening and maintaining their original adjustment position, it is better to avoid these movements to guarantee the greatest durability to the frame for instance cat eye frames.

  1. 0 Footprints:

Avoid marks from your fingers on the lenses by removing your glasses by holding on to the temples. Also, if at any time they slip off the nose, push them back into place by gently pushing a finger on the bridge. The more you rely on the mount to perform the movements and less on the crystals, the better cleaning and durability.

  1. Away from heat and abrasive products:

Avoid leaving your glasses like cateye glasses near a heat source or inside the car in direct sunlight, as the expansion of the materials could deform the frame. On the other hand, when we have talked about cleaning, we have only mentioned neutral soap or specific products for cleaning glasses such as wipes and spray.

Any other product can damage your glasses. And above all, do not use glass cleaner because its chemical composition can damage the lens by removing the treatment layer that the crystals have such as anti-reflective, antistatic, or hardened.